Godswood || Arya and Sansa. (( @Queen—Sana ))  

A few days had pasted sense Arya had returned with Gendry to kings landing and met with her sister, who was now the queen, after the meeting her and Gendry had returned to acquire a small home that was next to the street of steal and Gendry opened up his own forge to help Master Tobho Mott with some of the orders that went to him, they were living under the names of Cat and jon, only Master Mott knew that it was Gendry but he also was more then willing to keep it a secret for them. 

Once they we settled in the house with everything they needed, she knew that it was time for them to go send word to Sansa about there meeting, she sat at the table as she waited for Gendry to return, she pulled out a quill and a piece of parchment as she started to write the letter to her sister “Your grace” she penned elegantly ” i look forward to our audience that you have granted myself and my husband, i wanted to write to you thanking you for looking upon your people and servants to take time out and to speak to us, i know that the old gods and the new will look down on you and praise your name” she took a small breath in slowly and grinned to herself as she signed the letter “Cat Waters” she rolled up the paper and sealed it with her and Gendry’s sigil that was a bull in blue wax and went to Master Motts Ravens and sent it to her sister hopping that she would get it. 

once Gendry had returned from the forge they supped quickly grabbing there cloaks as they made there way threw the streets up to the red keep, she had known the way to the Godswood that they kept quiet as she had her hand in his, they found a fallen stump to sit on as they waited, she ran a hand threw her now short chocolate brown hair as her storm gray eyes danced around quickly hopping that Sansa got the note that was sent to her and understood to come to the godswood tonight, and that no one else would know of her plans.